EU LCS Players to Watch: Week 10

With the last week of the European League of Legends Championship Series fast approaching and only one play-off spot left to be decided, one would think that there isn’t much to be excited about for the last games of the spring split. However, with Fnatic and ROCCAT still battling it out for the third spot in group A and the top spot in group B still being in up in the air, the EULCS is far from decided. Nevertheless, in order to succeed some players will have to step up more than others. Let’s take a look at some players to watch.


ROCCAT Phaxi (Image credit: Leaguepedia)

In the past few weeks ROCCAT’s upwards swing has been very apparent. The team is currently on a five series winning streak with their last loss being in week 6 against the arguably second best team in the league, the Unicorns of Love. While the team’s consistant improvements are nothing to laugh at, their top laner, Phaxi’s improvement has been the most apparent and undeniably the most influential. Coming into the League we saw very lackluster performances from both the team and Phaxi alike. They didn’t find a victory until week 7 of the split.

However, in the recent weeks Phaxi’s gameplay has improved tremendously. He currently holds a 6/1 win/loss ratio on Gnar with an even more impressive 22 kills and a 5.5 KDA ratio on this champion. He has been able to repeatedly bully out other top laners including the likes of sOAZ and Alphari and use his teams advantages to play a very solid split pushing style of games.

Coming up against G2’s Expect should in my opinion be a favorable match up for this top lane player, and if the ROCCAT squad can capitalize on these advantages we might be in for a potential upset of the EU kings.


Fnatic Caps
Fnatic Caps (Image credit: Leaguepedia)

will the under performing Fnatic squad step up and use their one game advantage against ROCCAT to secure their spot in the playoffs?

Coming into the Spring Split the new Fnatic squad had very mixed expectations from their fans. While it was no star line up, it was a good mix of experienced veterans and fresh talent. This along with the fact that they were all English speakers meant many fans thought Fnatic may battle it out for the top spots in the league once again. This was not to be however. While the quad started of shaky it was nothing unexpected of a new team, and with their quick victories against the weaker teams in the first few weeks, things didn’t seem so bad. However as the split carried on, we saw more and more holes in the Fnatic game plan. The team struggled to close out games, players were often caught out of position and sometimes the team was just simply not proactive enough.

With the split quickly moving along, the team repeatedly attempted to change things up. Firstly replacing their jungler Amazingx, with their rising star Broxah.  While this new addition certainly did create a new spark, it wasn’t enough to help Fnatic start winning again. However, with the recent removal of their former coach NicoThePico and with their manager  Finlay “Quaye” Steward stepping in for the last few weeks, there were signs of life in Fnatic’s play. To be more precise, in week 9 during their games against Giants, the fans finally got to see what they have  been waiting for all split long. Caps stepped up and played an incredible series of League of Legends. Whether it was his game 1 Kayle pick or his game 3 deathless LeBlanc, Caps repeatedly managed to create plays and confidently push advantages for his team.

If Caps can carry this return to form into the coming last week of the regular season, Fnatic could potentially catch the struggling Misfits or even G2 off-guard and take the series wins.


Unicorns of Love Vizicsacsi
Unicorns of Love Vizicsacsi (Image credit: Leaguepedia)

Unicorns of Love have finally after multiple splits in the EU LCS found their success this year. Yet, with everyone performing at their best, their top lane powerhouse that is Vizicsacsi has still managed to outshine everyone around him. He has repeatedly solidified himself as one of the best top laners in Europe and constantly puts up amazing scores. with the highest number of kills among all the EU top laners at 93, the second highest assist count at 183 and a 100%  win rate on six different champions, Vizicsacsi has been nothing short of amazing this split.

If you’re looking to watch a player that seems to almost never under perform, and has repeatedly shown that he is the best of the best, then look no further. In the last week of the EU LCS Vizicsacsi will be measuring up against two other very strong top laners in Wunder and Cabochard. If the Unicorns want to hold onto their first place spot in their group they will be looking for the wins in both of these series and one major factor in both of these series will definitely be the top lane.

What did you think of the list? Did you agree? Let me know in the comments below and always remember to follow me on my social media.

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