NA LCS Players to Watch: Play-Offs Edition

The North American League of Legends Championship Series regular spring split has come to an end. The NA power house that is Team Solo Mid has managed to take the top spot, edging just one game ahead of the dominant Cloud9. Phoenix1 and Counter Logic Gaming have both comfortably managed to land in the third and fourth spot, while FlyQuest and Team Dignitas have just sneaked into the last two spots of the Play-Offs.

While some teams definitely look much stronger than others, there are players who could surprise and turn the tides in their teams favor. Lets take a look at who to watch out for in the NA LCS Play-Offs.


Phoenix1 Arrow
Phoenix1 Arrow (Image Credit: Leaguepedia)

It goes without saying that Arrow has been one of, if not the best performing player in NA LCS this split. With a monstrous 70.7% kill participation,  and the highest KDA out of all the NA AD Carries at 5.3, Arrow has been putting up some incredible performances for his team. More importantly, even during losses Arrow has been consistently winning his lane and putting up great numbers against the rest of the North American bottom lanes. This player is one of the keys to P1’s success.

If Arrow can continue his incredible form on the stage in the coming weeks, all fans can look forward to amazing AD Carry gameplay. This coupled with good decision making and solid team play could potentially mean a semi-final or even a finals spot in the Play-Offs for the Phoenix1 squad.


FlyQuest Moon
FlyQuest Moon (Image Credit: Leaguepedia)

While FlyQuest have been on a bit of a downwards spiral in the recent weeks, Moon has repeatedly managed to shine as a beacon of light for the fifth placed team. Along with their recent win against Team Liquid, this might be just what it takes for FlyQuest to come into the Play-Offs swinging.

With the highest KDA out of all the North American Junglers at 3.8 and the third highest CS and XP difference at 10 minutes, this player is nothing to laugh at. Even during losses, Moon has been able to demonstrate his strengths in playing carry style Junglers such as Kha’Zix, Graves and even Nidalee.

While Moon and the FlyQuest gang may not look like the strongest contender in the Play-Offs right now, in the right mind-set and with the right tools, they are more than capable of beating the likes of CLG, Team Dignitas and even Phoenix1 and they have shown it throughout the split. If Moon can manage to create an early lead for his team and light the fire of this talented squad, we could be in for a very interesting turn of events in the spring Play-Offs.


Cloud9 Impact
Cloud9 Impact (Image Credit: Leaguepedia)

Turning the clock back to the summer Play-Offs of last year, we saw what it means to truly make strides as an individual player. While not bad at all, the Impact we saw in the regular summer split of last year was miles behind the Impact we saw in the Play-Offs. We saw a player who truly had an impact on the game (pun intended), a player who could play carries, tanks or bruisers and still carry games. This season however, the NA LCS has been overflowing with Top Lane talent. From the rapidly improving Hauntzer all the way to the imported Ssumday.

Even though Impact has quiet comfortably stacked up against his competition, with the highest win rate of 74% and the second highest KDA at 4.3, we still haven’t seen the same consistent high level of play that we have come to expect last year. However, that is not to say Impact is still not one of the best Top Laners in the league, in fact, the opposite is the truth.

If Impact can use his extensive knowledge and experience of the game and regain his Play-Off buff from last year against the other less effective Top Laners, he could single-handedly pull his team into the Play-Off finals and provide a very enjoyable series to watch in the process.

What did you think of the list? Did you agree? Let me know in the comments below and always remember to follow me on my social media.

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